Elementary School


SMKV & JC , in partnership with parents, students and community, provides positive and safe ambience that fosters self-esteem and respect for others. In this partnership, each student is challenged by a relevant, success-oriented education promoting self-directed, life-long learning.

Our Vision

Every student of our school, will receive instruction through an articulated curriculum, delivered by highly qualified teachers, which will enable them to meet or exceed state academic standards which are necessary to be successful at the next level of education and as life-long learners.

Our Goal
  • to Increase early childhood education.
  • to Articulate the curriculum.
  • to Focus and sustain staff development.
  • to Increase communication.
  • to Differentiate instruction.
  • to Address needs of ELL.
  • to Increase utilization of data analysis.
  • to Foster parent involvement.