Middle School


Students are exposed to a breadth of challenging and relevant topics, while learning to identify inter-disciplinary connections between ideas and how one area of study can inform or influence another. Adherence to the Common Core State Standards insures that the
curriculum presents topics and skills required by all secondary students.

Executive functioning skills including time management, self-advocacy, study skills, homework completion, test preparation and organization and efficient retrieval of materials become a primary focus for preparing Middle School students. Our Middle School programme supports organization and self-monitoring through assistive technology that is individually prescribed and designed to support and enhance the skills of each student. The technology team implements:

  • Computer programme for all students
  • Exclusive Communication Skill Training
  • Peer Group Learning & Interacting
TheSMKV portal allows faculty to post the student’s academic performance, indoor, outdoor activities, accolades and future occurrences so that students and parents have access to this information at all times. This portal also provides access to students’ grades including Class tests, mid-terms and finals.


SMKV introduces a number of its Signature Programmes in the Middle School WHICH WILL BE OPEN TO PUBLIC AS WELL, most notably:

NEET- MEDICINE, ENGINEERING &CA, IIT, DANCE, MUSIC, COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH, FINE ARTS, COMPUTING, Travel programmes, Team and individual sports, Social events, Yoga Classes.

Community Service

Arts, music and drama form the foundation for student’s creative expression and exploration .Music courses include music theory, chorus, and instrumental instruction from keyboard to percussion to guitar and music composition. In Physical Education class, students engage in developmental activities as well as individual and team sports. Emphasis is placed on positioning, strategy, teamwork and improving cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Locomotors and non-locomotors activities and games reinforce development of eye-hand co-ordination, agility and spatial awareness.

A brief description of our Middle School academic subject follows:


Middle School reading classes are programmed individually for each student beginning with his/her level of mastery.


Literature: Age-appropriate novels, short stories, plays and poems are used to help students develop and enrich their higher-level comprehension skills. By combining technology with pre, during, and post-reading questioning techniques designed to deepen their understanding of the assigned readings, our students learn how to interact successfully and independently with high-level text.
Writing: Utilizing current research-based practices, students become fully immersed in the writing process. Expository instruction emphasizes the organizational, structural, and grammatical aspects of written expression while our narrative and creative writing instruction emphasizes the importance of sentence variety, use of vivid language, and the development of each student’s voice.


Math classes are designed for our students beginning with his/her level of mastery, using manipulative materials and practical applications of Math. Through diagnostic evaluation and careful analysis of error patterns, each student’s specific areas of need and interest are identified. In small groups, students begin with 6th Grade Math followed by Pre-Algebra and then Algebra I. Each student’s mastery is based upon the development of skills at the conceptual level first and foremost. From there students develop fluency, acquire strategies, all the while learning to apply concepts through real world problem solving.


Students engage in the scientific method and hands-on experiences to increase their understanding of scientific concepts. In Middle School science lab, students utilize technology and traditional scientific instruments to deepen their scientific understanding. In 6th grade Earth Science, students investigate the Earth’s formation, weather patterns, the atmosphere, the oceans and space. Throughout their 7th grade Life Science studies, students develop an appreciation of the interdependence of all living things and learn about the foundations of earth’s various ecosystems. 8th grade continues with the study of Physical Science where students investigate matter, electricity, light, and the basic laws of physics.

Social Studies

Students follow a unique sequence of history coursework in the middle grades. Through debates and intensive study of constitutional law, our young learners learn about their civic rights and responsibilities.