We offer programmes for children from 3¼ years of age through Kindergarten.
Each level has three sections. We very strictly adhere the policy of 30 kids in each section with two facilitators.

Our purpose
  • To provide children a secure and loving environment that encourages each child to grow and develop at their own pace.
  • To offer a pre-school curriculum that is thoughtfully planned and developmentally appropriate. Our curriculum addresses all areas of early childhood development, including literacy, Math, Science, fine motor development, art and music and movement(NSS, RSP).
  • To emphasize and encourage the creative nature of all young children through play and exploration.
  • School Tours
  • We have a limited opening for each school year.
Our Team of Teachers

The school is staffed by dedicated teachers who love working with young children. Our teachers are degreed with majority specialized in the Elementary Education, Early Education and related fields. Teachers are offered training annually in childhood education/child development.

Our Goal of Kindergarten

Today children come to kindergarten with varied backgrounds due to many home Experiences and television. Although they may have more exposure to academic knowledge, our concern is the total child. Their physical, social, emotional, and academic needs must be considered and developed for a well-balanced programmes.Kindergarten is the time to develop concepts in an informal as well as a beginning formal setting.

The aim of an effective kindergarten programme is to provide a learning environment which is flexible so that children will find varied opportunities in which they can learn social behaviours which benefit both the individual and the group, develop critical thinking, learn to solve problems, discover, collect, and classify information about the world, build and clarify concepts, extend present knowledge and experience, learn about words, and explore usage and meanings for effective communication with others.